baby love  

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kyungsoo feeding jongin pepero

jongin feeding kyungsoo a pepero stick


since it’ll be halloween, christmas (in a few months lmao) and my birthday, i decided to host an event for my store???? u___u;;;

so you pretty much just have to order something from my storewrite down stuff/people you like and then from there i’ll draw an extra set of stickers based on that :~) 

plus one random person will get the chance to have both a sticker set + custom pin eheheheheh

the event runs from oct 19 to nov 13! so uh yeah??? yeah??

btw i’ll draw from any fandom!

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kyugsoo did the wrong dance move during overdose


Kyungsoo growl era doodle


 Kyungsoo has to drag around vampire/sleepy/dreamboat-jongin 


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